TRKfest 2009

TRKfest 2009, originally uploaded by minervacat.

There’s a move in music blogging toward blogs producing unqiue and exclusive content, be it audio or video, and I totally dig it. Today, a list of some of the best of the best:

  • La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows. Along with the Black Cab Sessions, the granddaddies of weird single-recording amazing music performances.
  • Daytrotter Sessions. The granddaddy of audio recordings of this style; Daytrotter has been at it for years and years and still consistently execute some of the most interesting, intimate live/studio recordings, from a huge range of bands.
  • HearYa. Out of, I think, Chicago, live sessions both audio and video, focusing heavily on the Americana-leaning indie scene.
  • Harvey’s Kitchen by MonkeyWhale Productions. In my back yard, out of Greensboro! Recordings in, you guessed it, Harvey’s kitchen. My favorite is this one of Holy Ghost Tent Revival. They’re also responsible for the DotMatrix Project, which is a supremely interesting fusion of music, photography, videography, and music production.

This was inspired by Baeble Music, who emailed me about their excellent Langhorne Slim session; I’m looking forward to seeing what other neat stuff they produce in their Guest Apartment series.

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