corb lund — losin’ lately gambler

Corb Lund & the Hurtin’ Albertans — Losin’ Lately Gambler. Out 9/21, New West.

I occasionally wonder why Corb Lund and his songwriting talents aren’t more of a hit on the American pop country radio waves and in the Nashville scene, but then I just end up judging — probably unfairly — the personal tastes and intelligence levels of your average American pop country radio listener. (There are plenty of great musicians and great songwriters working in Nashville; this is not meant to disparage Nashville or that industry in any way. I just happen to think that most pop country that gets played on mainstream radio is, you know, cheesy, bland, and bad.) But, fact: most mainstream American country radio listeners probably don’t want to hear a fantastically clever, insightful concept album about war, family, and horses, told mostly through first person character songs, which is what Lund’s 2007 Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier was. If you’re into that, though, it’s a great album.

Losin’ Lately Gambler is less of a concept but no less full of excellent songs about horses and women; Lund can turn a simple line in a way that makes it stick in your head, and the Hurtin’ Albertans, his long-time backing band, can really swing the shit out of their instruments when they want to. It’s a straight up country album, and if you’re into that, you should check it out.

[Corb Lund & the Hurtin’ Albertans — “A Game In Town Like This”] 5MB, .mp3.

I think this is it for albums reviews in 2009, y’all; I’m going to try and post some seasonally-appropriate music on Tuesdays in December, and pull my best of the year list together and so on and so forth. I accidentally listened to the Bright Eyes Christmas album today — I was having a Conor Oberst shift, as one does, and forgot that it was on my iPod — and damn, if that boy doesn’t do a great version of “Blue Christmas”. So next week I guess I’ll start with that.

In other news, Six arrived back from Nikon today, and shep. was kind enough to be awake when the UPS dude arrived so she could sign for my girl for me. I ❤ my roommate.

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