the old ceremony “walk on thin air” cd release party

(This shot is from February, not last night.)

I realized, standing in the audience at the Cradle last night, that I really give these guys a much shorter shrift than they deserve, at least in terms of local bands I adore. Over the last nine months, I’ve been just as apt to blow their shows off as to go to them, and that’s really a shame because the Old Ceremony is one of the most most most talented bands working in the Triangle right now. They’re unique musically, dynamic on stage, extremely fun to photograph, and Django is one of the best songwriters and guitarists I’ve had the pleasure of watching repeatedly.

So I should go see them more often.

Last night’s show was an A+ good time; Modern Skirts, who we’ve seen open for TOC before, opened, and they’re just a delightful little indie rock band out of Athens, GA. They’re doing some interesting stuff with what their lead singer called “drum songs” — really fascinating three-drummer, one singer rhythm-songs laid over computer-generated backing tracks. I am failing to accurately convey how cool this stuff was, but it was incredibly cool, trust me.

And the Old Ceremony were, of course, fantastic. They started with an acoustic set, a few older tracks mixed in with some newer stuff, and Gabriel even broke out a banjo for it. Short break, and they played an absolutely smokin’ electric set. I’m excited about their upcoming (2010) album; the new stuff is really excellent, although I never expect less from Django. They finished off with a run of old old favorites and a cover of the Band. It wasn’t “The Weight”, but I’ll take “Up On Cripple Creek” whenever Django wants to give it to me.

Also, a piece of the Cradle ceiling came crashing down in the middle of the main set closer. It was exciting! And a little startling. I prefer the Cradle’s ceiling to remain where it is supposed to be.

They’re finishing up a lengthy national tour with a Northeast swing over the next ten days are so; you should go see them, because they’re awesome. Show dates are here (and, coincidentally, so is one of my photos of Django!).

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  1. Martha says:

    The Band covers! Drum songs! Sold!

    1. brandnewkindof says:

      seriously, somebody hit my blog today googling for “cripple creek lyrics the old ceremony”. oh, internet denizen, no.

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