mike doughty @ the arts center

mike doughty @ the arts center, originally uploaded by minervacat.
  • My favorite Doughty song is his cover of “Looks”. The first Doughty-penned song I ever loved was “Circles” and the solo song that hooked me post-Soul Coughing was “Grey Ghost”. But the opening lines of “Unsingable Name” — i want to be your absolute ultimate/want to be your only one now — never ever fail to absolutely undo me. He didn’t play it last night, but I wanted to state that for the record.
  • Actually, aside from the absence of “Ways + Means” and “Unsingable Name”, I basically could have written Doughty’s setlist for last night’s show. Come on: “Looks”, “Rising Sign”, “The Only Answer”, and “Down on the River by the Sugar Plant” all in the same setlist, even if it was a Question Jar show and therefore slightly more prone to feature weird obscure tracks? I made that shit happen with my mind. And the new stuff sounds great live, for what it’s worth.
  • In order: Tremendous Brunettes; Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well; I Just Want The Girl In The Blue Dress To Keep On Dancing; True Dreams of Wichita; (You Should Be) Doubly (Gratified); White Lexus; (I Keep On) Rising Up; Looks; Madeline & Nine; Grey Ghost; Circles; I Hear The Bells; Down on the River by the Sugar Plant; Navigating by the Stars at Night; Rising Sign; (He’s Got The) Whole World (In His Hands); (I Want To) Burn You (Down); Nectarine Part 2; The Only Answer; Janine; 27 Jennifers; Your Misfortune.
  • Doughty is not only one of my favorite musicians, but also independently also one of my favorite live performers, and last night’s set was a joyful, intense, funny show.
  • In case you were wondering: Mike has never actually fucked a Republican. I asked so you don’t have to. But I only did it because I could do it undercover of anonymity.

One response to “mike doughty @ the arts center

  1. “unsingable name” is probably my favorite song by him, too, in part because of the opening lines.

    also, i played “i just want the girl in the blue dress to keep on dancing” on repeat for a while last year; i bet it’s great live! 🙂

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