blitzen trapper @ cat’s cradle

If I Gave Up (Kelly-Anne Riess)

I would have followed you
to Edmonton
found a job waitressing    babysitting
even though I have three degrees

a temporary fix
while you finished school
near mountains where you climb

I wish I'd known you
when you didn't know what you wanted
then maybe you would've followed me to the Peg
I could never live in Manitoba     you said
would feel bad if I gave up
anything for you
so you ended it

even so      you couldn't stay away
visited me every summer
until she moved in

after graduation you went up north
how's that better than Winnipeg
you work 20 days on
fly down to her on days off
it could be me

Blitzen Trapper’s music makes me think of this poem. Or maybe the other way around.

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