wye oak @ cat’s cradle

wye oak @ cat’s cradle, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Out to see Blitzen Trapper and Wye Oak last night; Blitzen Trapper were super enjoyable, but Wye Oak was the amazing surprise of the evening. I was a little wary because, to be perfectly honest, I was underwhelmed by The Knot — it isn’t a bad album, I just flat-out adored If Children with zero reservations — but hot damn, Jenn and Andy blew me away last night. They played a blistering 45 minute set, and they’re totally dynamic and fascinating on stage, both musically and personally. The driving drums, Jenn’s wailing guitar — the stuff I was bored by on the album absolutely soars live. No offense to Blitzen Trapper, who really were great and great fun, but Wye Oak totally stole their show. It was one of the single best sets I’ve seen all year — and I have seen a lot of great sets this year, but this one is in the top five hands down no questions.

The Cradle has also finally gotten their lights perfect: white from the front, color from the back. It’s glorious to shoot in there these days.

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