rock and roll means well tour

rock and roll means well tour, originally uploaded by minervacat.

What follows are two loosely related paragraphs, a single sentence, and a disclaimer:

This one’s for cee. It’s one of only a few shots I took with my point-and-click during last fall’s Rock & Roll Means Well tour. It’s appropriate today, if not something that could be classified under the word “good”, because Jim Carroll, author of The Basketball Diaries, passed away over the weekend; when I think of Jim Carroll, I think of the Truckers, too, and their cover of Carroll’s “People Who Died” (11/03/2008, Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC; feat. the Hold Steady). That man could write, that’s for sure. He’ll be missed.

I have decided, that when I am free of the shackles of a day job and am off being a famous rock and roll photographer, I shall work only in tank tops, a smokin’ collection of pajama pants, and flip-flops. Hoodies and jackets added as weather dictates. I’ve mostly given up wearing heels to the office, at least until the weather gets cold again and I have to switch back to close-toed shoes — the backseat of my Corolla: where outerwear, government training manuals, and high heels go to die — but I’m sort of tired of dress pants and professional tops five days a week, I’m not going to lie.

Thank God for consecutive four day work weeks and paid vacation; I am also not going to lie about that.

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