tiny tiny flowers

tiny tiny flowers, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Currently rocking my world in terms of inspiration:

  • The Blue Hour. Brian lives and works in New York and has been mucking about with a Pentax K1000 recently, and his results have been wonderfully muted and dreamy.
  • Matt Pence. Drummer for Centro-matic and South San Gabriel, producer extraordinaire, and he shoots rock and roll, the tiny quiet backstage moments of tour and his bandmates, in a way that makes me stupid with jealousy and admiration.
  • the impossible cool. Vintage photographs of famous people. Something to aspire to.
  • C-Monster. I’ve found myself really interested in Art qua Art lately, and this scratches my itch. Makes me miss living in in a real city, though. I spent so much of my time in London just farting around at the Tate, because it was free and, well, there. And also Waterhouse’s “Lady of Shallott” is my all time favorite painting ever.
  • North Carolina Miscellany. I’m fascinated by this blog from Carolina’s North Carolina Collection; all the tiny bits and pieces of my state that no one ever thinks about.

This has been a spectacularly crappy week on a variety of levels, capped off by monster oversleeping this morning and being half an hour late to work, but let me share with you the single moment of hilarious fail I suffered this week.

Earlier this week, I put in for a day off on a Friday in September, so shep. and I can drive to Tennessee for the weekend. Except instead of putting it in as annual leave, I accidentally put it in as Religious Comp time. Now, uh, I totally support worshipping at the altar of roots rock, whiskey, and Holy Ghost Tent Revival’s trombone player, but I’m pretty sure that the feds don’t count going to Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion as a religious experience. WHOOPS. (I fixed it, but man, that was embarrassing.)

And now it’s time for a nap.

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