baseball: salem red sox @ kinston indians


  1. No one is wearing Carolina blue.
  2. Tim Federowicz (catching) is wearing #22, not #19.
  3. Tim Fedroff (batting) is wearing #15, not #16.
  4. One Tim is batting while another Tim is catching. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS, it goes Dusty, Shelton, Little Timmy (Fedroff), Flacker, Seags, Big Timmy (Federowicz), Garrett, Seth, Wheat Bread. (Wow. Of that lineup, 6 of 9 are in the minor leagues right now; Flack’s on the coaching staff at Carolina; Dusty hasn’t signed with the Mariners yet but he was, after all, drafted #2 overall.)
  5. Tims in different uniforms. >:(((

We took a field trip to Kinston yesterday to see two of our most beloved ex-Tar Heels, Tims Fedroff and Federowicz, play for the Kinston Indians and Salem Red Sox, respectively. (Which is to say, Red Sox fans, that we love Timmy better than you do, can, or ever will, and when you imply otherwise, I kill a kitten out of blinding fury, so cut that shit out. We love him better and best, we always will, fuck off and die, and please tell Ortiz to stop lying on TV while you’re at it.)

It was a great night; Kinston’s Grainger stadium is a tiny beautiful aging minor league park, both Tims had good games, beer and tickets were cheap, and afterwards, as we were standing on the bleachers watching Fedex sign autographs for little boys from Kinston, an older guy in an Indians shirt asked shep. if we were Federowicz fans. “We’re fans of both Tims,” we said. “We’re Carolina season ticket holders,” shep. said. “They went out to dinner together last night,” he said, sounding fond and proud. We’re pretty sure he was Fedroff’s daddy, which is only going to reinforce Little Timmy’s belief that we’re his fan club. (We are.) I’m really terrifically glad we drove down.

Watching Fedex behind the plate hurts my heart, though. (This was the third time we’ve seen Fedroff play this year, so I’m almost used to him being gone. Almost. But Fedex, it hurt all over again.) I still and will always miss his presence at Carolina like a limb.

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  1. Mary Ellen Rago says:

    Where is Johnny Rizzo?

  2. Mary Ellen Rago says:

    I meant Anthony Rizzo, the first baseman.

    1. brandnewkindof says:

      To be perfectly honest, I know absolutely nothing about either of these teams or their rosters beyond the two guys I mentioned; neither the Red Sox nor the Indians are my MLB team. I was really only at this game to see the two ex-UNC players.

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