baseball: duke @ carolina, game 3

The ACC baseball tournament kicks off at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park — located conveniently 15 miles from our apartment, in Durham — tomorrow at noon. Originally the tournament was slated to be at Fenway Park this year, in a nod to Boston College’s entry into the conference a few years back, but Red Sox officials fucked it up somehow and it was moved to the DBAP. (It was supposed to be at Fenway next year, too; but the Red Sox officials fucked it up again and it’s gonna be in Greensboro in ’10 and Myrtle Beach in ’11. Tough luck, Boston.) Frankly, I can’t complain — tickets to all three of Carolina’s games came to $27.50 total, the DBAP is a gorgeous park, and it’s a hell of a lot more convenient than Boston.

Plus we get a shot at Duke again, the only one of our three guaranteed tournament opponents to take a series from us. I’m looking forward to that immensely.

I’m still not shooting very much. I need to snap out of my funk, and soon.

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  1. seenonflickr says:

    Hey, wow, I’m glad it’s not in Boston – enjoy it!

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