a dog named gucci (and a dog named susie)

(This post might feature things that are triggering; there are some photos of the aftereffects of animal abuse.) Spent yesterday in Greensboro playing second camera for Gorman while he shot interviews for his current doc project, A Dog Named Gucci, a piece about animal cruelty and animal rights laws in the US. We hung out with…

every everything: a wrap-up

First, I am still so tired, you guys. I am so, so tired. I have a huge bruise-slash-scrapes-slash-lump-of-pain on my right shin from where the sound case fell out of the SUV trunk on Tuesday, I have a new scrape on my right knee from where I fell off the curb into 4th Street, I have an…

every everything: day 3

We spent yesterday, my last day with the Every Everything crew, shooting at the 7th St Entry. It was amazing.

every everything: day 2

Day 2 of my shooting with the Every Everything crew. Lots of time in an SUV, but worth it for the stories. And the scars, as Craig Finn would probably say.