alaska: ketchikan

Ketchikan, our first stop, is and has always been primarily a salmon town. But it’s a salmon town with a lot of nature. Our excursion here took us to the Alaska Rainforest Gardens (did you know Alaska has a rainforest? Second largest in the world, after the Amazon – the Tongass National Forest touched all…

hello brown one hello blue one

unc campus, spring, originally uploaded by minervacat. hello blackbird, hello starling winter’s over, be my darling long time coming but now the snow is gone

charleston cemeteries, south carolina

charleston cemeteries, south carolina, originally uploaded by minervacat. I spent most of the weekend behind Six, who is newly back from Nikon with a working CPU and a freshly cleaned sensor, and it was brutally hard to go to work this morning.

old carrboro cemetary

old carrboro cemetary, originally uploaded by minervacat. whoever named the fall sure did a bang-up job — Rhett Miller, “Haphazardly”