a mind like a diamond

The slip is vintage. The nail polish is Goldeneye from OPI’s James Bond collection. The lipstick is Make Up Forever’s Rouge Artist Intense, part of my life list goal to find the perfect red and pink lipsticks. The camera is my D80, Emmylou, and the strap is my third from vmjess. The title is, obviously,…

darling don’t you go and cut your hair

i am human and i need to be loved Y’all, I don’t normally get all personal up in this space, but can we talk about body image and curvy asses and chubby thighs and bad hair days for a minute?

one of many

When I embarked on my self-portrait for every show I shoot project, it was out of self-preservation: I wanted a year long project that was easy, and solitary, but also gave me some challenges. It’s easy and solitary to take a picture of yourself in a bar bathroom, but it’s hard, after about 50 shots,…

bands start up each and every day

Those of you who have known me for a long time know that I can be, how shall we say — passive-aggressive with my hair. (Let us all stop and remember the Epic Vodka-Fueled Hair Massacre of Graduation Week 2002 fondly.) I had a really bad week, so now I have pink hair. (And, on…

money (that’s what i want)

That’s not really true; I want to be happy. But not being broke is nice, too. The point of this post is: I need a business plan.


I felt like being someone else for a while tonight, so I watched several episodes of the Wire Season 4 whilst wearing my pink wig.

a woman

If a woman wants to be a war photographer, she should. It’s important. Women offer a different perspective. We have access to women on a different level than men have, just as male photographers have a different relationship with the men they’re covering.In the Muslim world, most of my male colleagues can’t enter private homes….

as wild as egypt

Slamdancing to the Blues (David Lerner) there’s a sadness that’s better than love it fell in the air the other night little girl face with a mind as wild as Egypt she reads all the high-class sex literature the pornography of Miller even the later novels of Rechy now into the novelization of Liquid Sky…

do you think it’s gonna make him change

I got my hair cut this weekend. 2011 project: self-portraits in every venue bathroom in the Triangle. I’ll title them all with Pavement lyrics when I show the series. Thinking.