locally grown: mandolin orange

A gorgeous night of bluegrass and Andrew & Emily’s lovely voices. A cool breeze, New Belgium’s summer beer, and great conversation with people I am fond of. Happy, happy, happy. Full photo set here.

the great outdoors: five places to see live music outside

One of my favorite things about summer in the NC is the glut of (mostly) free or cheap outdoor concerts. Even when it’s painfully hot and humid, there’s nothing better than listening to a band I love sing up to the sky at twilight, especially when it’s free. Below are some of the places you…

locally grown: lost in the trees @ wallace plaza

If you’re lucky — if you have a good local scene — if you support that scene — if you get to be friends with people who are not just talented, but pretty close to genius — if all those things happen in a perfect confluence, sometimes you get to watch your friends get famous….