every everything: a wrap-up

First, I am still so tired, you guys. I am so, so tired. I have a huge bruise-slash-scrapes-slash-lump-of-pain on my right shin from where the sound case fell out of the SUV trunk on Tuesday, I have a new scrape on my right knee from where I fell off the curb into 4th Street, I have an…

every everything: day 3

We spent yesterday, my last day with the Every Everything crew, shooting at the 7th St Entry. It was amazing.

every everything: day 2

Day 2 of my shooting with the Every Everything crew. Lots of time in an SUV, but worth it for the stories. And the scars, as Craig Finn would probably say.

what did you expect? an archers of loaf concert documentary

it’s always the east coast, i’m always the asshole “Freezing Point” is not necessarily my favorite Archers of Loaf song, but for some reason, it is my favorite song on last year’s gorgeous re-release of Icky Mettle, which would have been my #1 record of 2011 if it hadn’t been a re-release (I make them…

interview: writer & director gorman bechard

Back in November, I was sending a raft of pitch emails, and one of them was to the general email address for a documentary about the Replacements, after seeing shaky but amazing video of Jesse Malin covering “Alex Chilton” for a tribute show after a screening of that documentary up in NYC. I promptly forgot I’d sent…