matt harvey and his mustache

In honor of Matt Harvey’s excellent MLB debut last night, Mets fans, let’s all take a moment for honoring another contributor to Matt Harvey’s career path to this debut: Matt Harvey’s mustache. It was kind of patchy, and it was with us only briefly, but it was there, once. And so, let us stand with…

college baseball: va tech @ unc

Five. Freshman LHP Hobbs Johnson carried a perfect game into the 8th, and Carolina swept a fairly woeful VaTech team in a bid to secure a national seed for the NCAA tournament.

‘give ’em the pickle’

This boy is pitching for the Yankees on ESPN right now. I watched him pitch for four years in a grungy, awful stadium; Team USA’s training park; a beautiful gem of a park. I am so proud that I am about to burst. So fucking proud I can’t even.

ncaa super regional: stanford vs unc

Sixteen and seventeen. Who needs three games to win two if two and an epic rain delay and frozen pickle pops will do it for you? Five trips to Omaha in the last six years. And frankly, I’m really grateful that we don’t have to sit in the Bosh and the boiling sun for game…

acc baseball tournament 2011

Fifteen. Virginia got one of their own back last night, but we’re still 3-1 against them this year, and Steven Proscia still only has one hit to his name against Carolina’s pitching staff. So there’s that.

college baseball: uva @ unc, 2011

Twelve, thirteen and fourteen. On Thursday, pocket-sized pitcher Patrick Johnson held Virginia scoreless for the first time in their last 166 games, tossing a complete game 9K masterpiece that got me what I wanted from the weekend: to not get swept. On Friday, four Carolina underclassmen held the third best offense in the ACC to…

college baseball: unc-asheville @ unc

Eleven. A lesson to all young pitchers: if a batter sends a particular pitch 425 feet out of the park, don’t throw it to him again in his second at-bat. It will, like the first pitch, go real far, real fast, right out of the stadium. Bryant Gaines was otherwise stellar, the bullpen was beastly,…