goathouse mondays: siamese

Siamese! The top shots are of Chloe, and her two kittens. Bottom is Louise. You can adopt them today!

goathouse cat refuge: MONDAY HAPPY KITTIES

BECAUSE MONDAY NEEDS KITTIES TO MAKE IT HAPPY, DAMN IT. KITTIES WITH FACES TO KISS. And once you’ve made all your smoochy noises at them, may I recommend this NYT feature on Siglinda and Goathouse? Please?

goathouse cat refuge: kitties

Goathouse Refuge is a no-kill shelter for kitties in Chatham County; I’m doing some volunteer work there, including taking photos of their kitties for their website. LOOKIT THE KITTENS, YOU GUYS.

happy thanksgiving

Here’s to a weekend of sloth and gluttony, and a lot of gratefulness.