puss and boots

These your boots? These my boots now. Please don’t mind me when I get my whole head stuck in one later. And don’t take pictures of my indignity. (I didn’t, I was laughing too hard.)

the kittens have gotten big (are still dopey)

(I love Cat Summitt’s face in this one. WHAT ARE YOU DOING CAT SUMMITT.) They’re still shy, but very sweet, and very silly. Cat Summitt still only weighs about 5 pounds. ALL LEGS AND TAIL.

these are some kittens

The kittens are finally not scared of us! Well. Mostly not scared of us. Not scared of us enough for me to get up in their faces with the camera. So: I got you some kittens. They’re my kittens, but you can make kissy noises at them. This is Sylvia Catchell. She has won more…