college baseball: va tech @ unc

Five. Freshman LHP Hobbs Johnson carried a perfect game into the 8th, and Carolina swept a fairly woeful VaTech team in a bid to secure a national seed for the NCAA tournament.

‘give ’em the pickle’

This boy is pitching for the Yankees on ESPN right now. I watched him pitch for four years in a grungy, awful stadium; Team USA’s training park; a beautiful gem of a park. I am so proud that I am about to burst. So fucking proud I can’t even.

baseball: red wings @ bulls

Twenty-one. I love being a Triple A area for a lot of reasons, but mostly for rehab starts. Last night out with the Film Critic, the game featured 100% more Justin Morneau than usual.

once more into the breach

Another MLB debut by an ex-Tar Heel this week. Kyle Seager, booter of ground balls, grower of tomatoes, hitter of doubles because do you guys know how much farther you have to run if you hit a home run? Your new Mariners third baseman, ladies and gentlemen. I’m more proud that I have any right…

the american pasttime

Nineteen & twenty. Celebrated independence with a doubleheader yesterday, first the US National Collegiate Team taking on their Japanese counterparts, and then the Bulls (America’s favorite minor league team!) taking on the Braves. It was hot, but lovely.

it’s a nickname waiting to happen

Double dipping with two from the archives, since today guys-I’ve-seen-play-before-they-were-famous seems to be a theme: Alex White (#6) and Dustin Ackley (#13), top, both of whom made their MLB debuts this year, during their last ACC home series at Carolina; and bottom, freshly promoted Indians 3B Lonnie Chisenhall, when he was with the Kinston Indians — who are,…

baseball: scranton wilkes-barre yankees @ durham bulls

Eighteen. The Alpha Site goes to see the Yankees when they come to town every year, because shep.’s a native New Yorker and lifelong Yankees fan; as we like to see the future of my ballclub playing for the Tides (outlook: dismal), we like to see the future of her ballclub, too. They got thumped on Sunday evening, but Kei…