to hate like this is to be happy forever

I finished my annual re-read of Will Blythe’s To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever this week. It seemed important to finish it before Duke at Duke, because usually I try to finish it before the ACC season even starts. I didn’t this year, because December was occupied by house-buying, and then I…


But then, like all villains in scary movies, Steve Spurrier came back for one final scare. Yep, he took over the South Carolina head-coaching job. — Clay Travis, Dixieland Delight Go Heels. Beat the Cocks.

college baseball: duke @ carolina

2, 3, & 4. Spent the weekend with the Paternal Unit, who flew down for the UNC series at the Bosh, against Duke. Beautiful weather on Saturday and Sunday, and Friday’s foul weather meant we got to catch a true day-night doubleheader yesterday. Carolina swept Duke, outscoring them 21-3 over three games, and moves to…

college baseball: va tech @ unc

Five. Freshman LHP Hobbs Johnson carried a perfect game into the 8th, and Carolina swept a fairly woeful VaTech team in a bid to secure a national seed for the NCAA tournament.

acc baseball tournament 2011

Fifteen. Virginia got one of their own back last night, but we’re still 3-1 against them this year, and Steven Proscia still only has one hit to his name against Carolina’s pitching staff. So there’s that.

college baseball: duke @ unc, march ’11

Four. We only made one game of the three in the series that we had tickets for, yesterday’s 11-2 UNC win. Circumstances, and weather. It feels like December here, cold winds and cold temperatures and cold rain, though it’s almost April. I’m sluggish and restless today, but freezing to death watching baseball wasn’t the answer,…