hot dogs everywhere: national hot dog day

Where: at ‘Sup Dogs Chapel Hill What: the Ranchero: homemade ranch, sup dog sauce, Monterey Jack and cheddar, chili. With whom: Trav Why: it was National Hot Dog Day! Grade: A. Man, I love ‘Sup Dogs. Their special sauce, the combinations of flavors. ‘Sup Dogs is the best.

eats: a week of food

Hello, food! Lo these many years ago when I turned 30 and freaked out, I made a life list, and it was full of items that involved eating. Here, as I approach 40 and feel pretty good about it, I am still into eating, and I’ve been making my happy fat way through some of…

100 foods in 100 counties: guilford county

Guilford County – Greensboro – Jerusalem Market: the Armenian Wrap We finished our trip to Greensboro by checking off Our State Magazine’s food for Guilford County, the Armenian Wrap at Jerusalem Market, which has recently opened a second location S Elm Street. The wrap is listed as “Basterma (air dried beef tenderloin, covered in garlic…

interview: tour de frank

Today is National Chili Dog Day, and I’m thrilled to share an interview with John Champlin, Wake Forest alum and fellow hot dog enthusiast. You can see his photographic adventures on Instagram @tourdefrank and check out his write ups of his most recent trip, the Feast on the East (Coast) at his blog. Below, he…

life list: crock pot soup recipes

48. Find and try ten new crock pot soup recipes. That item on my life list was pretty easy to check off, once I got down to it. The trouble is that soup isn’t very photogenic. But all of these I made, Saturdays or Sundays for football eatin’s, and they were all pretty good. Editor’s…

100 foods in 100 counties: carteret county

Carteret County – Beaufort – Beaufort Grocery Co.: Apple Granny Chicken Sandwich This was some of the best chicken salad I’ve ever eaten, creamy and full of dill and not overrun by celery. Sharp apples, good cheddar, excellent croissant. Would eat again. Frankly, would eat everything on the Beaufort Grocery Co. menu, so I have…

life list: thanksgiving dinner

48. Cook a full Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family (including a turkey in the oven). I had forgotten that this was on my life list until a few weeks ago, but damn if Trav and shep. and Clea and Erin and I didn’t cross it off like a boss yesterday. Recipes I made: Tangy…

eats: the big bowl of cheese

Our State Magazine — which you may know from my attempt to eat my way across North Carolina — published a great piece this week, by Adam Lucas, about a restaurant in Pittsboro that has re-created a dish that is probably only sentimentally edible to a certain population who frequented Chapel Hill sometime before 2007….

100 foods in 100 counties: granville county

Cheese and sausage biscuit at Sunrise Biscuit in Oxford, crossing Granville County off the Our State 100 Foods list. The biscuit was fabulous and I would have eaten half a dozen plain.

life list: 100 foods in 100 counties

58. Eat at every restaurant in Our State magazine’s 100 Foods To Eat In North Carolina’s 100 Counties. Chatham County. Foie gras at Fearrington House Restaurant. I’m not super into goose liver, but the meal as a whole was the best I’ve ever eaten. Plus a bonus carved root vegetable from Halloween. Fearrington’s pumpkins were awesome.