baseball: brewers @ braves

I bought stupid good tickets for me and Trav to see the Brewers play the Braves last night; I heckled Mark Reynolds (“Cut your damn hair, Reynolds!” “Fall down again, Reynolds!” “Swing at that pitch and miss, Reynolds!” “WHAT IS YOUR FACE, MARK REYNOLDS!”) and watched my beloved ex-Tar Heel Rob Wooten pitch 1 1/3…

happy anniversary to this blog

Five years! As always we celebrate with a photo of an idiot manchild third baseman. This one eventually became a professional, though.

baseball: mariners @ orioles

If you watch a lot of college baseball, eventually players you love will make it to the major leagues. This is a familiar view, of Kyle Seager’s bubble butt and lazy slow approach to third base, a view that makes my heart ache a little, a view that still makes me want to yell GODDAMNIT,…

baseball: blue jays @ orioles

5. A quality start from Tillman, two Earl Weaver specials, Chris Davis’ 35th, and that Machado kid sure is something, isn’t he?

why i bag on matt harvey

Matt Harvey was a non-entity to me his freshman year. He started on the weekends, but I was much more concerned with the bullpen, with Alex White and Adam Warren, than I was with the Harv. To the point where I have more photos of Buster Posey (two), who didn’t even play for Carolina, than…

mlb stadiums: target field, minneapolis, mn

Eight. The last time I lived in Minnesota, the Twins were still playing in the Metrodome, which, frankly, I had a real fondness for. The seats were cheap, and on Thursday they had five dollar student ticket night and dollar hot dog night, and we used to go sit in centerfield and heckle Torii Hunter….