promo: the night kitchen

night kitchen headshots

promo: the night kitchen cupcakes

I spent some time yesterday afternoon taking headshots of my friend Heather and her business partner Kala, for their new home bakery business, the Night Kitchen. It’s interesting, trying to get natural shots of people who are very conscious of your camera. I think I got some winners.

When their website goes up, I will link you guys to it, because their cupcakes are fantastic.

an acoustic evening with trekky records

I’m finding myself, this week, thinking about promotional photography pretty intensely — what makes a good promo photo, how to develop and pursue ideas and concepts in shooting promos, what I can do to make taking promos an experience that’s rewarding for me as a photographer beyond simply producing a final product for a band. It’s complicated, and a lot of my thoughts are hard to voice. I’m looking at a lot of photos, trying to generate some brain power and action for myself.

While I’m thinking about this stuff, y’all should go watch this amazing one-camera-one-take video of Micah Schnabel from Two Cow Garage doing “American Static”, which I’m guessing is a new track, and man. I adore that boy, and Two Cow needs to come back and see us again soon.

radio silent auction promo shoot

Spent some time with Radio Silent Auction yesterday, working up promo shots for them. I don’t do a lot of promo work because as a photographer I find it sort of artistically unsatisfying in theory, but I actually kind of got a kick out of playing art director and costumer to them. And, sadly, in the rock and roll photography industry, unless you’re one of the lucky ones to have a big publication backing them, promo work’s what pays the bills.