holy ghost tent revival @ the blind tiger

Consider it this way: this photo is a thousand words on how much I missed these boys while they were off being rock stars this summer.

holy ghost tent revival @ trekky records studio

Two photos not by me that I can’t get enough of lately:

This one of ex-Panic at the Disco members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker in the studio working on their new project, by Jeremy and Claire Weiss. That photo is exactly why I take photos of musicians; it is a single perfect moment that’s so beautiful it makes my stomach and my heart hurt when I look at it for too long. That hasn’t stopped me from keeping it open in a tab, staring at it for long minutes, trying to find the secret inside it that makes it so exquisite. It’s the sort of shooting I aspire to in my studio work.

And this photo of Lucero, because as Ash said, it’s a promo photo that looks exactly the way Lucero sounds — it is a perfect visual representation of their music. I’m gearing up to do some promo work for bands who don’t know what they really want in a promo shot, and I’m thinking a lot lately about how to put their sound into a photo. That Lucero photo gives me something to shoot for — a photo that looks like a band sounds.

holy ghost tent revival @ local 506

“A photograph is a secret within a secret. The more is shows, the less you know.”
— from The Brothers Bloom

holy ghost tent revival @ trekky records studio

One of my favorite shots of hands from this year.

There were a lot of good things about shooting Holy Ghost in the studio earlier this year, but one of the best ones was that none of them asked me what I was shooting while I was working. Just, afterwards, “Did you get good stuff?” and “What do you think of that track?” It’s a nicely symbiotic relationship; they play, I shoot, and afterwards we both have art.

I’ve missed them while they’ve been on the road the last few weeks. They’re back in town Friday and it’ll be good to see them.