american aquarium @ tir na nog

american aquarium @ tir na nog, originally uploaded by minervacat.

There were things I was going to post about — how Whit (hands seen here) hates my camera and always peers at it suspiciously like it’s about to steal his soul but how it often makes for the best photos I take of American Aquarium, the email conversation about Nikon 50mm lenses that I had with Michelle yesterday and the things I remembered last night that I didn’t say but should have, why the lights at Tir Na Nog sucked yesterday — but I’m having a hard time forming words today and I’m using most of my brain power to decide if it’s worth plundering my savings to buy the Pentax K1000 that showed up on Craigslist (probably not), so instead: Here. I took this photo. I think it’s pretty kick ass.

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