jonny’s birthday party

jonny’s birthday party, originally uploaded by minervacat.

An unexpectedly nice thing about Jonny’s birthday party last weekend was being in a casual social setting with people who are comfortable enough with my camera — from having it pointed at them on stage regularly, or seeing me point it at a stage — that they mostly just ignored me. I don’t do much candid people-shooting, mostly because either we hang out places with crap lighting (the audience at concert venues) or I’m with people who don’t like having their photo taken (something I understand; I always say that I have a camera so I can take the pictures, not be in them) or often both.

Which is to say, I’ve taken a ton of photos of most of the people who were at Jonny’s party already, but not like this. And that was nice.

The new job is kicking my ass solely due to the fact that it’s gainful employment. I haven’t hardly touched my camera all week, but it’s necessary, and understandable.  She’ll be waiting for me when I’m not quite so tired.

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